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Aloha, Thank you for visiting my Wedding Photography and Family Portrait web site. My name is Erik Van Velzen,  I am a Professional Wedding Photographer and an artist based in Oahu, Honolulu. In the Beautiful Hawaiian Islands in the town of Waikiki.. Here's a quick list of the top reasons you should hire me as your wedding and Portrait photographer.


Quality Wedding Photography:

I offer Professional Wedding Packages at Competitive Prices and fast turn around, my Wedding Photographs are each a work of art and Superb Quality.

Capturing the special magic of your wedding is a great photographic art. Having studied and practiced both art photography and portrait photography , I take great pride in photographing your Wedding day. I include each respective digital file for every photograph in our packages. In this way, you will be able to have your local photo lab make additional prints and enlargements of your wedding, very inexpensively! All photos are artistically enhanced and embellished. Photographing your wedding in Hawaii is less than half of a photographer’s job. The larger portion of work is painstakingly done back in the studio, requiring great skill.


 You may be able to find OC wedding photographers who advertise for less, but I don't think you'll find anyone out there who has a better value. You're not just paying for my experience -- you're also getting a lot of extras for your money. Even my smallest wedding package is huge compared to a lot of other local OC wedding photographers out there. I photograph every wedding personally and I also prefer to attend the wedding rehearsal, whenever it is possible. I work very hard at every wedding event.

Photography Style:

 Experience and value are nothing if you don't like the photographers style. Couples choose me because they like my wedding photography style, artistic eye, and my warm personality. I love to photograph a lot of candid and photojournalistic style photos. I also take all the family group shots and pose the two of you for the romantics. I prefer to keep poses very natural, adjusted slightly so it looks perfect for the camera. My goal is to focus on capturing the essence of this very special day.

Thank you for your Time and Consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Aloha and Happy wedding planning,

 Erik VanVelzen